US Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance

Cosmetic 产品和成分受 Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) 以及《bet8注册下载》(FPLA). 美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)不要求这些产品上市前获得批准,但要求化妆品公司负责确保其产品的安全性和正确的标签, and are not misbranded as drug products. In addition to FDA, 化妆品和个人护理用品须遵守国家规定, particularly the State of California’s Proposition 65. 因此,配方审查和适当的标签是必不可少的. 如果发现化妆品或个人护理产品贴错了商标, 掺假或公司未能遵守安全规定, FDA或其他监管机构可能会采取强制行动.

化妆品是用来清洁身体或改善身体外观的产品. 许多类型的个人护理产品都属于这一定义,包括化妆品, certain hair care products, nail care products, lotions, and fragrances. 如果一种产品的宣称不仅仅是改善美容或清洁, the product may be regulated as a drug.

TSG can help

  • Perform safety and exposure assessments
  • Prepare and submit color additive petitions
  • Develop compliant labels
  • Review product claims
  • Provide import/export advice
  • 评估符合65号提案的成分
  • 协助自愿化妆品注册计划(VCRP)
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