Consumer Products (CFDA)

中国食品药品监督管理局(CFDA) 监管所有消费品,包括食品、食品添加剂、药品、化妆品和医疗器械. CFDA will require certain studies to be conducted at CFDA certified Chinese laboratories before they review the registration applications; the types and number of studies required will be determined based on a case-by-case basis.

TSG Can Help

  • 审核原料和添加剂,确定所需的文件和在中国的研究
  • 准备注册所需的文件
  • Develop labels
  • 协助代理商进行样品测试和数据提交
  • 解决测试问题,包括样品要求,协议和结果
  • Provide sourcing assistance
  • Act as a business liaison
  • Serve as a translator
  • Gather marketing intelligence
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